Hurricane Preparedness

Tropical Storms and Hurricanes are a fact of life for the Heart of Florida. It’s not a question of “if” as to “when” we will be affected by a storm.  So make sure you and your family are prepared.

Determine your risk– what types of wind and water hazards could happen where you live?  Click here to determine your zone for tropical storm/Hurricane storm surge.

Make A Plan-What is your plan to move your family and loved one’s out of harms way?  Click here to create a family, business or special needs plan for natural disasters.

Make A Kit-Tropical weather can be unpredictable and move slowly, so it’s in our nature to put off storm preparations until later. However the paths can change in an instant and you may find yourself without supplies to keep your family safe and healthy.  Click here for a starter list for your storm kit.

Flood Insurance-Most damage from tropical weather is water-related.  Check your current homeowners or renters insurance policy and look for a specific flood clause.  Click here for an overview of the National Flood Insurance Program, which includes additional information and links for property owners, claims adjusters, insurance professionals, lenders, surveyors and elected officials.

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