Tim McGraw and Faith Hill’s Quarantine Date Night Sounds Dreamy

Their three kids are out of the house, & Tim is not mad about it.

Tim & Faith’s two oldest daughters are sheltering in place in California, & their youngest is staying on their farm for now, meaning Tim & Faith have the house all to themselves, & Tim’s not mad about it.

Tim tells Taste of Country Nights that he & his wife of 20 plus years are embracing the quiet time & have regular date nights that don’t look too different from before Coronavirus days.

Their oldest daughter, Gracie, lives in California full-time, but their middle daughter Maggie was staying at the family’s Tennessee home for roughly six weeks before she left again. Which left was their high school graduate Audrey, who Tim joked was sick of her parents when he hopped on a zoom call to talk to Evan and Amber from the syndicated radio show.

“Our date nights are usually the same,” Tim McGraw dishes. “Dinner and pile up on the couch & watch a movie or a series. We’re pretty simple. We don’t go out very often. Even before all this we didn’t go out very often.”

“Having four women in the house, I don’t have much say so over anything,” he says, “But that’s good. Here’s what I know: I know in my old age I’ll be well taken care of.”

Watch Tim’s interview below: