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Time to Eliminate Prizes with Last Prize Standing!

It’s great that radio stations give you things to win on a daily basis! Trips, concert tickets, and many more have always been up for grabs on 103-7 The Gator!

However, we’ve always been the ones telling you what you are going to win. But now, it’s time for all of Gator Nation to come together and make the decision with our “Last Prize Standing”! You’ve kept track of all the prizes on the game board, and hopefully you’ve decided which one you hope will be the final grand prize. And now you get to eliminate other prizes with a chance to walk away with the LAST PRIZE STANDING!

Here’s how it works, and how YOU decide what you have a chance to win:

  • Have your gameboard by your side and know where the prizes are that you want to keep, so you can eliminate all the other prizes around it.
  • Listen each weekday at 8:10am-9:10am-11:10am-1:10pm-3:10pm-4:10pm for the cue to call! When you hear it, be caller nine and you instantly qualify! But you must also ELIMINATE a box at the same time!
  • Keep in mind that if you try to eliminate a box that has already been eliminated, we will randomly draw a prize and it will be THAT prize that’s eliminated! Make sure you don’t put it in our hands!!

Good luck from all of us at 103-7 The Gator!