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Justin Tyler’s Drive-Home Tell Me Something Good

We all need more positivity in our lives! There are days where you can turn on the news, and all you hear is doom and gloom.

Each weekday morning, Bobby Bones brings a smile to your face with a daily dose of positivity with “Tell Me Something Good” at :55 past every hour while you’re heading to work.

Now, Justin Tyler wants to help you get rid of the workday blahs and give you some positive news each afternoon with your “Drive-Home Tell Me Something Good”, weekdays at 4:40PM.

However, he wants to hear from YOU to find out a positive story you’ve heard about so we can let all of north-central Florida know about it!

We want YOU to tell US “Something Good”! So submit it in the form below and listen at 4:40PM to see if your story has been chosen to make everyone smile!